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About Our Company

Hair Guru is a company that strives to revolutionize the market for hair growth and hair restoration. The company offers affordable rejuvenation therapies for hair and scalp. These therapies aim to improve the confidence and aesthetics of customers who need hair rejuvenation services. As a medical therapy company, Hair Guru raises performance standards by striving to advance laser phototherapy devices. In addition to this, Hair Guru also partners with other industry leaders to provide innovative services.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Caitlin J
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Before purchasing this device, I was rather skeptical. Ive been using the Laser Cap 81 from Hair Guru just over 3 months and its actually working! Im impressed with the growth so far and have mostly noticed the overall difference in my hair being thicker. I also use this product in conjunction with Rogane.

Liam G
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Great device for the value! The only issue I had was that the battery pack got damaged during shipping. Hair Guru made this right by overnighting me a replacement battery pack.

Alicia W
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The Laser Cap 272 has been nothing but great for me. Ive been using this product for about 4 months now and see an amazing improvement in my hair. Even my friends have noticed a visible difference, I love it! This did take a few weeks to really take effect and for me to start noticing the results, so be patient if you are not noticing anything right away. So far, Ive been very pleased with this product..

Bridget S
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Terrific device. Im happy I went with the hair guru laser cap rather than spending a ton on some of the other brands out there.

Holly B
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I was originally suggested the Capillus laser cap for the high price of $3,000! After doing a little bit of research I found the Laser Cap 272 Pro by Hairguru. All features and technology, even down to the lasers are comparable with the high end Capillus model. Cant wait to share my results after a few more weeks of using the device!